Washington D.C. Institute of Science and Technology (WIT)

The Washington D.C. Institute of Science and Technology (WIT) provides training in the basic sciences required for systematic advanced study in modern computer technologies and the related legal problems which they raise. It further forms the basis for research and development in the legal sciences at the intersection of the two disciplines: law and science.

The Washington Institute of Technology (WIT) was formed in 1993 as a Division of the National Intellectual Property Law Institute. WIT serves as a research, resource and graduate programs of study for advanced thinkers and scholars dealing with business, industry, the government, law, academia, and the judiciary. The WIT Division and the Institute were created especially: (1) to combat weaknesses in the intellectual property law and technology implementation in a competitive environment and to ensure that the United States will compete successfully in intellectual markets of the near-term and long-range; and (2) to assess and recommend solutions to the drain of U.S. technology to foreign competition, the ownership of intellectual property, and the enhancement of U.S. economic growth through fortification of knowledge and transfer of knowledge of technology.

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